Granidense presents its new image

The Granidense recently presented its new image. Inspired by the past but looking to the future, this new image brings with it a new spirit and also a new determination, but without forgetting the 25-year history, experience and tradition that have given life and form to Granidense of today.

In this sense, and despite being today our will inspire people, reinvent markets, innovate processes, explore horizons and go beyond, our forever commitment remains: quality, rigor and competence in what WE best know produce – granite.

We invite all our customers, family and friends to embark with us on this new stage in the history of Granidense.


Granidense is now on social media

Granidense recently strengthened its online presence. In addition to already be able to subscribe to the newsletter of the company, this is now also present on Facebook and Linkedin. Granidense aims through these platforms to get closer to their family, friends and customers and, in this direction, regularly provide content related to their work, as well as news related to the granite industry and the construction sector. We invite you to visit us through the links at the bottom of this page.

Granidense carries out work in Ovar

If you have not had the opportunity to take a walk through Parque da Cidade de Ovar we give you the suggestion. Enjoy visiting the park and see the work that Granidense there developed. You can also consult our portfolio of online works here and go directly to project images.